Raipur's Tech Talent Meets Global Innovation

DevFest Raipur 2023 is where the pulse of modern technology beats. Dive into sessions on the latest in Web, AI, Cloud Tech, and Android innovations, all tailored to propel tech enthusiasts into tomorrow's tech landscape.

Join us to merge local expertise with global tech trends, gaining insights to drive innovation and sustainable growth in Raipur's vibrant tech community.

Our mission

DevFest Raipur 2023 is dedicated to kindling the spirit of innovation and continuous learning within the tech community. We envision a gathering that transcends a typical conference, becoming \a nexus of discovery and advancement in technology. Our platform welcomes everyone from seasoned professionals to emerging talents, offering a space to exchange ideas, gain new skills, and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

Our mission is to harmoniously blend global technological insights with the rich local talent of Raipur. This unique fusion facilitates a learning environment where attendees absorb global perspectives while celebrating local achievements. By fostering this interconnected community, we aim to contribute to the region's sustainable technological growth and innovation.

At the heart of DevFest Raipur 2023 is the commitment to an inclusive and collaborative tech ecosystem. We strive for a festival where diversity is not just welcomed but celebrated, ensuring accessibility and relevance for everyone. Our range of sessions, tailored to diverse interests and skill levels, embodies our belief in a future where technology is a shared, communal resource for all.

Software Professionals
Over 500+
Sharing Insights and Innovations
30+ Leaders
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Embracing the Core of Our Tech Community

At DevFest Raipur 2023, our values reflect our commitment to fostering a thriving and progressive tech community. These principles guide our actions, from curating our event to engaging with each participant. They represent the essence of what we stand for and strive to amplify within the tech world.

Innovation and Creativity
We value the power of new ideas and creative solutions in advancing technology and addressing complex challenges.
Inclusivity and Diversity
Our community thrives on diverse perspectives and inclusive practices, ensuring every voice is heard and valued.
Collaboration and Networking
We encourage building connections and collaborations, recognizing that collective wisdom leads to greater advancements.
Continuous Learning
Our commitment to continuous learning and skill development is fundamental, keeping us at the forefront of technological evolution.
Sustainability and Responsibility
We advocate for sustainable and responsible technology practices, aiming to create a positive impact on society and the environment.
Community Empowerment
Empowering the local tech community, especially in emerging regions, is key to fostering global technological progress and innovation.

Our team

At the core of DevFest Raipur 2023 is a dedicated team of professionals, each bringing their unique skills and passion to create an event that resonates with innovation and community spirit. Our team members are not just organizers; they are innovators, thinkers, and leaders committed to delivering an exceptional conference experience.

In addition to our core members, we have a fantastic team of volunteers and community partners who are integral to making DevFest Raipur 2023 a success. Their dedication and hard work bring our vision to life.

  • Shreena Yadav

    UI/UX Designer Jio

  • Kuldeep Pisda

    Head Release Management, QA CoFactory and Founder HappyChases

  • Mohammad Yasin

    Software Developer Engineer Board Infinity